Words of Professeur Buitron

The International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate proposes to unify and understand all of the different dialects  within Western Pugilism.

Our goals are to maintain the fundamentals of Boxe Francaise, Savate, Zipota and to create a common language that can be understood by any Zipotero who experiences this complete art form.

Danse De Rue Savate seeks to respect and preserve the traditions as well as the foundations of Savate. It follows Savate’s evolution throughout the world. It considers all the aspects of Savate, as a martial art and above all a spontaneous art form.148339_1509306765053_1005865450_1118896_2869648_n

The development of a Zipotero is very clear, a student begins with a rank and each year may be promoted according to the requisites of each rank. With in the all ranks: technical condition, dedication, character, discipline, fighting ability as well as required knowledge according to that level are taken into account. The student that can demonstrate those qualities needed can be promoted to a level appropriate within the group.

Many ask me what is my philosophy of a Zipotero I tell them that a Zipotero is characterized  by the Cara-Cara, a raptor of Texas. Since the Cara-Cara adapts its hunting style according to each situation in order to survive, it hunts in Flight, Ambush and on the Ground. This attitude gives the Zipotero the means to adapt to any opponent regardless o
f the physical condition or style that they may impose.

Danse De Rue Savate  may seem new to some, but it has been developing for over twenty years since I arrived in Dallas, Texas and even in Paris, France.  I used to teach Savate as a martial art and not as a martial sport. This made new bonds with in the international arena of Savate.

img_20150902_073453The name came of age in 1994, when the Guild was formed and the work continues as strong and full of energy as ever. This gives me great joy, that we are able to work many seminars, workshops as well as lectures in schools and universities.

We have developed friendships with people from many social and professional backgrounds those include: lawyers, judges, mechanics, laborers, law enforcement personnel and Martial artists.img_20150902_073250

We have good relationships with other groups of Savate: Boxe Francaise and Savate federations as well as other Martial art styles and groups throughout the world.

Our work has been growing since 1994 with many groups  joining the Guild. Which makes us proud , this convinces us that we are on the right path.

Many groups desire to be part of Guild, but only a few are successful because of the technical and philosophical demands of Danse De Rue Savate system. Nonetheless, we will continue to support anyone who shows interest in Savate. Those that can identify with our philosophy.