How to start a Club


There are many ways to learn and gainknowledge of Danse De Rue Savate(sm). One is if you live near a salle which teaches the system. You may petition for membership.

The Second is to start the movement in you area. Yet, you have to come and train periodically at the headquarters as well as make three out of town seminars.

Membership of the I.G.D.D.R.S.
This membership serves as a way of informing people about the Danse De Rue Savate(sm) system, as founded dscf2545by Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron III , as well as to connect its membership from all over the world. Each DDRS Instructor is required to be an active member of the I.G.D.D.R.S and their students as well; in turn every member is archived with in the Guild’s Headquarters.

Those active instructors will be shown and referenced. Those that are not active will be tested 90 days of re-activation on the cur
riculum of DDRS.
This collective documentation is essential in developing andpreserving an accurate history of the Danse De Rue Savate(sm) for future generations, as its presence has already been smudged by those proclaiming knowledge.hello

The concern of International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate is the unknown misrepresentation of the Buitron family and art by unauthorized persons and the resulting reflection on their reputation.
Anyone’s claim of authority can be conveniently confirmed. This measure encourages professionalism within the International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate(sm). A listing of Active Certified Danse De Rue Savate(sm) Instructors will be posted.
The International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate, INC; Individual Membership is defined as any person that has the intention of supporting the teachings of Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron III and/or being an active member within the GUILD.


Membership instantly connects you into the world of the Danse De Rue Savate(sm) and reveals its subculture contacts, knowledge, and amity that remains unknown to outsiders.