Board of Directors

  • The Guild of Danse de Rue Savate, is the governing body of the Martial art of Danse de Rue Savate. With its headquarters in Laredo, Texas, the Board of Directors is governed by  “Active Members” who come from the 3 continents comprising the three major Jurisdictions. Each of the jurisdictions has a “National Director”, who is the representative officer for the Guild within the jurisdiction, and is supported by the remaining Active members.


    There is are “active members” and at least one “counselors” in addition to the “National Director” in the Jurisdictions.

    The Board of Directors meets on an annual basis, at which time the business of the Guild is transacted and Two stated meetings Per Jurisdiction one in December and the other in March in which business of the the Guild is voted by the National Directors its  Counselors.


    Any Federal Rank Meaning Silver Glove 1degree can petition to become a “active member” of the Guild. After serving Three Seasons that “active member” can be appointed as Counselor following three season will be eligible to become a National Director.


    If appointed as National Director they serve a total of Five Years.


    The Executive Director is the highest ranking officer of the International Guild of Danse de Rue Savate he the chief executive and judicial officer above all Jurisdictions. When Elected into the Position of Executive Director he will hold that office until the age of sixty in which a vote will be cast amongst the  National Directors  choosing the best knowledgeable Active Members of the Guild.

    Executive Director Paul-Raymond Buitron III
    National Director(North America) PatrickGavin
    National Director(Europe) Jean-Louis Lahcene
    Counselors     (Texas)  Jimmy Sandoval
    Counselors    (Texas) Clyde Castorena
    Counselors (Texas) Kendall Martin
    Counselors (Texas) Dr. Paul R. Buitron
    Counselors (Belgium)  Jean-Pierre Julemont
    Counselors (France) Andre Germe