Waco between friends Waco Texas

    This was a great Seminar filled with energy with folks that train in martial arts from Praying Mantis , JKD and Silat They understand technique and responded well to the techniques of Danse de Rue Savate…..We showed Lutte Parissienne, La Canne de Combat and Canne de Arme, Saca Tripas and went into the […]

Perfection Of Technique Green Glove Workshop

  This was a gear to review those testing and Explain the Inns and Outs of Green Glove . Many miss during training certain atributes and here we cleaned up common mistakes and learn a few new ways of doing things… Remember Coordination is the Key for a Green Glove of Savate.     

1st Passage de Grade in Chicago

  After years of trying to plant the seed of Danse de Rue Savate . the Fruits of the plant has well been harvested…Aide-Moniteur Jilgero has a band of Savateurs

DDRS Workshop in Waco Texas

we were invited to share Danse de Rue Savate with Guro Tim McFartridge at his JKD school ISG Academy.. The group had a great appreciation to DDRS and its techniques

DDRS in San Antonio Texas

    For over the last two season a small group of martial artists under the direction of Dr. Constantine Theoharis has safely guarded the traditions of Savate Danse de Rue.   Much luck to this movement of preservation…    

December 10th Passage de Grade

The 2016 season is heading off into a great year with new movements of savate and new warrants for clubs by the end of the year. We had a great exam for Blue Gloves great new members into the Danse De Rue Savate Clan                       […]

San Antonio Savate Club

  This movement of Savate Danse de Rue in Central Texas has been growing with in the last several months. They will become a Charter club within the end of this Savate season… for information contact { https://www.facebook.com/theagogemartialarts/ }