2019 Texas Tour

we will be spreading the art of Danse De Rue Savate in Texas with the Texas Tour. Where we will invite openly all martial artist form the different regions of Texas     to partake in the art. we will be straight forward with the application and teachings as always. San Antonio, Texas- Jan 26,0019 Dallas, Texas- Feb […]

Professeur Buitron’s New Book

Martial arts is an indispensable skill for both the old and young, but in the world today, core martial arts values have been swept under the carpet. The majority of the instructors today are out to make quick money, quick to give ‘ranks’ to the feeble. Students ‘graduate’ daily, yet only a few can defend […]

28th Annual Passage de Grade

this was the 28th annual Passage de Grade of Danse de Rue Savate in the United States.. Historic in two way we produced the frist American Silver Glove 2er on the Continental United States.. Aide Moniteur Patrick Gavin as well as the first Violet Glove 2er Paul-Raymond Buitorn IV.   the testing went well with […]


This was a great workshop with great fun.. with all the minor mishaps we taught a good class… 

Dmall Gathering in the New Braunfels Texas

  We went to show the group of GAT escrima a bit of Danse de Rue Savate with the weather in a down pour and travel became a bit bad we had a small gathering and great fun.. with new brothers      

1st Workshop of 2018

Once more we were in WACO TEXAS, teaching at Guro Tim McFratridge school. The energy was great and to see the older students of Savate helping the newer savateurs is awesome..  

1st Passage De Grade of Danse de Rue Savate in Brasil

  After 5 years of planting the seed with the association of Capoeira under Mestre Motorista , we held workshops and had the first exams.       Where only 2 passed One Coach and two Blue Gloves we have a new coach Emidio Alffaix and Two New Blue Gloves M. Motorist and Emidio   […]

Danse De Rue Savate Goiania Brazil 2017

  IT was a great project of two different workshops having three different groups of Capoeira who have supported Danse de Rue Savate. Grupo Munzenza under the direction of Instructor Nego was very hospitable and it was a humbling event filled with smiles and great energy.. AXE

DDRS San Anotnio

Another great workshop with the folks in San Antonio Texas . Spreading the love of Danse de Rue Savate